Who’s unfollowed me on Twitter?

Noticing your follower count has dropped on Twitter can be annoying, but it’s often more frustrating trying to work out exactly who unfollowed you. While Twitter gives you a notification for new followers, however if a user does the opposite, nothing will appear (although we feel like you should receive notifications for both new and lost followers!). Also, a large majority of Twitter users often follow back, which has led to a large amount of people taking advantage of this, by following a user and waiting for them to return the favour, to then simply unfollow them. If you’re looking for a simple way to check who’s unfollowed you, look no further.


Who unfollowed you on Twitter


If you have a small following, there is an incredibly easy way to check who no longer follows you (as long as you followed them, too). To do this, start off by signing into your Twitter account on a PC and visiting your profile. Once you’re here, simply click ‘Following’ and scroll down the list. As you scroll down, there will clearly be a ‘Follows You’ icon next to the users that do. Simply look for the users that aren’t following you back and unfollow them if you wish.

If you don’t want to manually search for who has unfollowed you, or have a large amount of Followers, there are websites that will do the hard work for you. We would recommend using any of the following sites:

Once you have selected the site you wish to use, you’ll have to sign in with Twitter and grant the website authorization to check your statistics and settings. We have checked and tested all these sites and can confirm they are 100% safe to us. That’s all you have to do – they will now check to see who has recently unfollowed you on Twitter!

There is one disadvantage to using a website to see who has unfollowed you, which is that they tend to tweet without your permission, which can sometimes look spammy and lead other users to unfollow you as a result. To combat this, we will recommend checking your Twitter profile a couple times during the process, then deleting any tweets that are automatically sent. Also, we would recommend revoking permissions to the website after you’re finished with it, which can be done by going to ‘Apps‘ in your settings tab, then clicking ‘Revoke Access‘ on the site you just used (this has to be done on PC).
That’s exactly how you can tell who has unfollowed you on Twitter, in just a few minutes. If you seem to be losing a lot of Followers every day and can’t understand why, check out our article on What you shouldn’t be posting on Twitter.

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