Using Twitter Hashtags to gain Followers

Hashtags are used every second on Twitter, with the main intention of connecting users that are interested in similar topics. You can also use hashtags to gain more Twitter Followers, but with so many to choose from, where do you start? In this article we will be explaining some simple methods that you can utilize to maximize the growth and exposure that your Twitter profile receives.


Get Followers on Twitter with Hashtags


Best Hashtags to use

We’ve already mentioned that there are thousands of Hashtags being used on Twitter every day, so we’ve singled some out that are great for gaining new followers! All of these hashtags are general and will work for any individual, regardless of your content.

  • #Followers – Makes perfect sense, right? There are plenty of Twitter users that are willing to follow you, but a large majority of these expect a follow back. It’s completely up to you whether you return the favour or not, this hashtag will gain you followers either way.
  • #FollowFriday – This is a worldwide event that takes place on Twitter every Friday, where users can recommend someone to follow. Use this hashtag to promote some of your followers, which is likely to cause them to reciprocate.
  • Your Country – Using your country as a hashtag is the perfect way to find new followers close to your geographical location. This hashtag is particularly relevant to businesses that are looking to attract local customers. You could even hashtag your county or town, depending on its size.

Using trending hashtags are another great way of broadening the reach of your tweets and getting more followers. To view hashtags that are currently trending, simply look to the left of your home feed (on computer) or tap the search icon if you’re using a mobile device. Remember to never overload your tweet with hashtags, this will just create a messy look that won’t help your profile at all. We would recommend adding 2/3 Hashtags per post maximum.


Use Suitable Hashtags

Using Hashtags that are relevant to your post will allow you to gain followers that are interested in your content, which will help your profile out in the long run. This process is simple – just hashtag words that describe your tweet or photo. Building your own community of users that are all interested in your tweets will ensure you receive a lot of interactivity (Retweets, Likes e.t.c) causing growth over time. Relevant hashtags offer slower results than using general ones, however your audience will be more engaged.


Stay Informed and Interactive

Whenever you have time, search for whichever hashtag you like and get involved with people using it. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as dropping a favorite/retweet or by taking part in a conversation. The more interactive you are, the more people will check out your profile and return the favour. Think about it – if you see someone like your tweet or mention you in a post, how often do you check out their profile? Huge companies such as Lucozade Energy make full use of this strategy, employing a group of people solely to look after the company’s Twitter accounts.


Using the above methods will ensure that you use Hashtags to their full potential, maximizing the growth of your profile. Try using different tags and keep a track of the results, then remain consitent with whichever worked the best! If you want fast results, why not Buy Twitter Followers with us? Prices start from only £2.95.

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