How to Grow your Twitter Following in 24 Hours!

You’ve probably found your way here because you want more Followers on your Twitter account but unless you’re a celebrity such as Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, acquiring new followers can be a struggle. You may be aware that we have already made blog posts explaining how to get more Twitter Followers, but this article will be focusing specifically on faster methods that will give you almost instant results! Follow some of the steps below and increase your Following in 24 hours or less.


Twitter Followers 24 Hours


Optimize your Tweets

If you can create a good, high quality post that is retweeted by thousands of people, your follower count is going to jump up massively in a matter of hours. If you’re looking for content that will receive a ton of interaction, go in search for either inspirational quotes or relatable statements – these tend to perform upto 40x times better than other tweets. Places like Pinterest and Values to offer a treasure trove of quotes that are perfect for Twitter! Finally, remember to attach a picture to your tweet whenever possible. Pictures grab a users attention, leading to them reading your tweet in full.


Interacting with Others

The more active you are on Twitter, the more people will want to follow you. There are hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter who will happily retweet or like your tweet if you do the same for them, allowing you to essentialy share someones follower base. You can also get involved with trending topics that you feel passionate about – This is the perfect way to find (and interact with) people that share your views, allowing you to get followers fast! You can find out what’s trending either on your mobile (By tapping the search icon) or on the web version (By checking to the left of your feed).


Following Sprees

Similar to the above method, there are plenty of Twitter users that are willing to drop a follow back to anyone that is willing to follow them. How do you find a large amount of people to follow? Simple – Search Twitter for a large profile that is similar to yours and follow everyone that has retweeted/liked the most recent tweet from that account. This way, you are acquiring Followers that are likely to be interactive with what you post! Keep in mind that this method might not be for everyone, as some people want to keep their following numbers down, but it DEFINITELY works. To have the most benefit from this strategy, follow the maximum amount of 1,000 new users each day!


Make your Twitter Profile Known

Excuse us for stating the obvious, but people can’t Follow you if they don’t know that your profile exists! Share your profile on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn – You could even send an email to all your contacts with your Twitter link. This is a guranteed way to grow your Twitter following, as your friends are bound to want to follow your Twitter account.


That’s how you can grow your Twitter account, with visible results in less than 24 hours! If you’re struggling to grow your Twitter profile, or just want a huge increase in your numbers, why not buy Twitter Followers with us? We use legimate methods – not bots like other providers.


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