Twitter Updates Their Policy on Links

Twitter’s limit of 140 characters can definitely be a struggle, especially if you wish to include a picture within your tweet. If you’re a Twitter user that tends to share a lot of outside information, (business owners, blog writers e.t.c.) then websites such as and were perfect for shortening your URL and saving yourself some precious characters. However, with Twitter updating their policy on links, this can no longer be done. Any link you now tweet will automatically use 23 characters – leaving you with 117 for any other text or inserting a picture. Regardless of how long your URL is, it will always count as 23 characters.


You can no longer shorten links on Twitter


Why did this Policy get updated?

While Twitter refuse to comment on the change, we strongly believe that this policy was reinvented due to the increased link usage throughout their entire site. With Businesses all around the world realising the true potential that Twitter holds, a staggering 83% of businesses have a profile created on the social media and with this, comes A LOT of links. Having a standard link length means people will no longer wasting their time shortening them, which ensures that most links are visible (for example, you will see instead of This makes links far easier to patrol, preventing users that have malicious intent.


The Future for Tweet Length

In the next few months, according to a recent article from Bloomberg, Twitter will be preventing both links and pictures from taking up any of your 140 characters. This will make it possible to post a picture, a link and 140 characters of text in a single tweet! They have also been considering raising the limit of characters to within the thousands, however are still undecided on an exact amount.


The team over at Twitter are clearly rethinking many aspects of their business. It’s evident that they wish to increase the amount of content that can be shared from a simple tweet – however with this going against the main USP of the social media, they need to be incredibly careful in their approach. While the mechanics of Twitter remain uncertain, one things for sure, we will be seeing many changes to Twitter over the next few months.

Would you like a longer tweet length or do you feel like Twitter should keep it simple? Voice your opinion by leaving a comment below.


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