Get Paid to Tweet on Twitter!

Twitter, for many people, is a way to interact with friends or catch up briefly with the world affairs, but what if I told you that Twitter could actually generate you a source of income? In this short article, we will be explaining a few clever ways that will allow you to monetize your Twitter profile. It’s important to note that, while not required, a large Twitter following will help you to earn money with these methods – we would therefore recommend that you concentrate on growing your Twitter account before you attempt to monetize it.


Get paid to Tweet on Twitter


1. Sponsored Tweets

Tweet sponsorship essentially means you get paid to tweet to your Followers on behalf of a business or organisation. Businesses are happy to pay Twitter users to tweet about their new product or service, usually with a website link included. There are also people willing to pay for simple shoutouts, which will boost their real following on Twitter. The payment you will receive from these promotions are discussed beforehand and if you wish to offer this service, make sure you have a method of contact in your Twitter bio (such as an email address or other social profile). You can also advertise your profile on websites such as PaidPerTweet. The amount you earn per tweet is dependant on the amount of followers you have, aswell as how interactive your fanbase is.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product or service for another business, while still earning a percentage of the profits for every sale you make. Here’s how you can start to make affiliate sales:

  • Look online for a product that you like and are willing to promote.
  • Check to see if the website has an Affiliate program and if it does, sign up for it. (If a website does have an Affiliate program, a link is usually located in the footer)
  • Once you’ve signed up, you should receive your very own ‘Affiliate Link’ – which is the link you will need customers to purchase through.
  • Include this link in every promotional tweet you make to receive a percentage from each sale.

The best way to earn maximize your earnings with this method, is to pick a product that is related to your Twitter profile, or one that you are very knowledgable about. The most common objects sold via affiliate marketing are items of clothing, video games and virtual items.


3. Make a product

This is by far the most time consuming method of monetization but also has potential to earn you a full time income, as you are essentially creating a scalable business. Create a product related to your page – usually clothing, stationary and mugs are the most popular choice. You can then sell this product through eBay or a hosted website, such as magento. The best thing about this method, is that you will be keeping 100% of the profits earned. We’ve used this method a couple times and have found that simple designs tend to perform the best. If you’re stuck with a design, try experimenting with your icon or use something that represents your profile.


4. Youtube and Twitter

You may know that you can get paid to upload videos on Youtube, with the pay depending on the amount of ad impressions you get. You could create simple Youtube videos, or work with someone who does, then promote these via your Twitter account. You could even include links to the video in your bio, making it visible to anyone that visits your profile. The average earning is $2 per 1,000 views, which may not seem like a lot, but these views can seriously rack up, especially if you have an interactive following that are willing to retweet and share your video around. We have found the most succesful way to adapt this method is to share a small snippet of your video, then include a link so people can watch the rest.


In conclusion, Twitter is a fun way of earning a bit of spending money, however you will need a large following and a perfect business plan to earn a living through it. Finally, our top tip for anyone looking to make money through Twitter would be to focus on building your follower base before you attempt to monetize your profile.


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