Get your Hashtag trending on Twitter

Twitter is the third largest social media website in the world, with over 300 million unique visitors every month. With this sheer volume of users, it goes without saying that Twitter can offer huge benefits to both businesses and individuals across the world. Creating a trending hashtag is the perfect way to begin expanding your online presence, leading to many potential benefits including an expotential growth in following and increased brand awareness. To get a hashtag to trend, you simply need it to be used by a large amount of people, which is exactly what this article will be covering.


Get your Hashtag Trending on Twitter


Pick a Topic

The ensure a large amount of users tweet with your hashtag, you’ll need to pick a topic that lots of people can relate to. Hashtags that have gone viral because of how relatable they are include #PetsOfTwitter, #DreamCars and #MondayMotivation. Think of something people either have, need or want – the best way to do this is simply by brainstorming all your ideas onto paper. You can also use Twitters advanced search feature to see how many people are tweeting about certain topics. Go for something short and catchy, that already has a large amount of use.


Try Different Times

The timing of your campaign matters – During the quieter times on Twitter, your hashtag will require less uses in order to trend but will receive less exposure, with the opposite applying for peak times. If you’re a small profile, you’ll want to be launching your hashtags early in the morning, between 1am and 8am GMT time. During this period, you may only need a couple hundred tweets in order to start a trend. If you’re a larger account, or have a substantial budget, you could start your campaign between 5pm and 9pm GMT. This will give you the most exposure and activity, but you’ll be competing against TV shows and other businesses.

Team up with others

Find a key influencer or a Twitter profile similar to yours and ask to team up. They will be able to help create a buzz around your hashtag, which will get the ball rolling in terms of usage. Influencers usually won’t work for free, unless they feel passionate about your topic, so you could either return the favour or offer them a monetary incentive. You can find people to work with on sites such as Retweets For Sale, where big Twitter profiles advertise their services – You can pick up a retweet from accounts with 500k+ Followers for only a couple dollars!

Be Interactive

If you see someone using your hashtag, interact with them! Give them a retweet, a like or a follow to show that you care about the chosen topic. Not only will this allow users to find where the trend originated, it will also act as an incentive for others to use your hashtag too. You could even insert your hashtag when replying to others, in the hopes that they will use it too!


That’s a few of the less known methods you can utilize to get your hashtag trending on Twitter! Remember to be creative and relatable for the best results. If you want to give your hashtag a kick-start, why not buy real Twitter retweets with us?

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