How to Spot Fake Twitter Followers

Seen your friends Followers jump up overnight? Suspect someone may be faking their Follower count? In this short article we will be explaing a few methods in which you can easily identify Fake Followers on Twitter. However, if the account has bought Twitter Followers from a high quality website, such as with us here at TwiFollowers, you will be unable to tell that they have bought Followers – This guide is for pointing out Fake Followers, added by bots and/or stolen accounts.


Identify Fake Twitter Followers


Check their Followers

Obviously if you’re trying to spot Fake Twitter Followers, this is a good place to start. You can check through their Followers in 2 ways, either manually or by using an online audit tool. We would recommend starting with this Follower Checker, as it’s quick and fairly accurate. If you would prefer, you can manually check through a users Follower base, look out for the following things:

  • Accounts that are ‘Eggs’ (Have a default profile picture)
  • Accounts that are in another language to the user
  • Accounts with the same profile picture, cover photo or description
  • Accounts belonging primarily to Businesses – These are often created by fake follower vendors

Engagement on Tweets

Obviously if a user has a lot of real Followers, they’re going to be receiving a large amount of Retweets and Favorites on every tweet they make. Scroll down through their most recent posts and see if they are receiving any interaction, whether that’s in the form of a retweet, like or reply. You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether the amount of engagement is accurate in correspondence to their Follower count. For example, If a user has 10,000 Followers and only receives a couple likes on their tweets, then they have obviously acquired some fake followers. There is one exception to this rule, which is that the person has acquired all their Followers with a tweet that has gone viral – Usually people pin this tweet, so check the top of their profile to see if that’s the case.


When the Followers Appeared

If you’re still unsure as to whether someone has fake Twitter followers, make your way to Social Blade – a website that you can use to track numeral social media platforms. Select ‘Twitter’ in the top right corner and then enter the username of the profile you want to evaluate. You will then be shown a graph of the users Followers, with how many they gained each day over the past month. Check that these numbers are steady and consistent. If their Followers jump up dramatically, then they are likely to have added fake Followers on the date shown, unless one of their tweets did exceedingly well that day.


There you go, they are the easiest and most accurate methods to identify fake Followers on Twitter. If you’re looking to grow your Twitter Profile, why not buy Twitter Followers with us? We use legit methods to acquire your Followers, such as intensive advertising and networking, to ensure that you never receive fake Followers from us!


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