What’s Better, Getting Retweets or Getting Favorites?

While you can rarely steer a Twitter campaign towards being retweeted or favorited, we think it’s important for online marketers and business owners to understand the benefits of each, including which is better overall. Before we dive into the advantages, it’s important to understand that any interaction is positive interaction and will offer you more exposure on your tweet in some way.


Retweets or Favorites

Benefits of Twitter Favorites (or Likes)

Firstly, we must think: Why do people Favorite a tweet? Well, thanks to a study from Brandwatch, we can identify that most people favorite tweets that they agree with. Briliant, but how will this help us to receive more exposure on our tweet? Simple, the user that has favorited your tweet is more likely to share it with others that have the same opinion as them – this can be in the form of mentioning them in your tweet, quoting your tweet or by simply talking about your tweet with others in person. Not only that, but because likes are publicly visible (unless your account is private), your tweet will have the opportunity to be seen by more users, with the chance for more interaction as a result.

Benefits of Twitter Retweets

We will start by asking the same question as before: Why do people retweet something? Retweeting is often done when a user feels like the information a tweet is providing needs to be seen by a larger audience. The benefit of this is clear, increased visibility to your content – If someone decides to retweet something you post, all of their followers will have your tweet displayed on their timeline. Again, this increases the chance of further interaction from other users. Another major advantage of receiving a retweet, is that it can cause your tweet to be indexed on search engines, meaning it can be found by people outside of Twitter. The other major factor in deciding whether your tweet gets indexed or not, is the amount of Followers your account has (More Followers = Higher chance of your tweet being added to search engines).


In conclusion, Retweets are much better than Favorites in terms of exposure. However, favorites are heavily relied on in a large majority of Twitter campaigns, due to the word of mouth advertising they can offer. As you could probably guess, for a Twitter campaign to be successful, you’ll need a nearly equal mixture of the two, which will generate a perfect mix of exposure and increased brand awareness. If you’re looking to receive more interaction on your tweets, why not buy Twitter retweets and likes with us to eliminate the hard work from your marketing campaign?


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